The Truth Hurts: 3 Grim Realities in Burma

US Campaign for Burma thanks Tomás Ojea Quintana, UN Special Rapporteur for the situation of human rights in Burma, for his six years of superb service relentlessly unearthing the extent of human rights abuses in Burma. Quintana provided a voice of reason to policymakers, decision-makers, and international governmental bodies. He dispelled the narrative adopted by … More The Truth Hurts: 3 Grim Realities in Burma

In Burma, There is No “Communal Violence”

On November 12, the United Nations General Assembly released its draft annual resolution against Burma, calling on the Burmese government to address 2013 “communal violence.” The terms “communal violence,” “sectarian violence,” and “inter-communal violence” have become go-to descriptors of attacks against Muslims in Burma. Insofar as they are used to describe specific incidents during the … More In Burma, There is No “Communal Violence”