The conflict in Western Burma has been deeply sorrowful. The U.S. Campaign for Burma supports an end to all violence in Western Burma. We believe all human beings should have their human rights respected.

One of the most promising articles I have seen was about various religious leaders calling for peace:

“If we really want peace, then everyone in the country should hold peaceful discussions and behave peacefully towards one another – please stop killing one another,” said renown Theravada Buddhist monk Pinnyasiha.

Wunna Shwe, an official from the All-Myanmar Islam Association said: “We have been contacting concerned government and religious organisations and are trying our best to bring tranquility to the situation. We will try our best to bring a solution based upon love for this to solve this problem.”

An official from Myanmar Baptist Convention said: “We are praying for [peace] at our religious events – we are praying for peace for all.”


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