Follow the trip on the Thai-Burma border

Follow the U.S. Campaign for Burma’s blog for the next ten days as a group of American and Australians travel throughout the Thai-Burma border meeting with aid workers, activists, educators, refugees, migrants, students and more. The Thai-Burma for many years has acted as a hub for those from Burma escaping repression, a place where they can hold trainings, run schools, use the internet, organize, or hide out. Even though they are in Thailand most organizations not only maintain regular contact inside the country, but the porous border allows for people to go back and forth when necessary and continue widespread activity inside. The diversity of organizations along the border is extensive, with youth groups, women’s organizations, humanitarian aid teams, educators and others. Whereas in Rangoon it would be difficult to hear experiences directly from most major ethnic groups, here on the border the range of people and groups makes it easier to learn about what is happening in all of Burma. Although life is better in Thailand, it still has its own struggles. Many of the organizations we meet with will not have legal status in Thailand and so have to maintain some secrecy. Therefore, we will not always have lots of photos from our visits, but we will try and share what we are learning along the way. Every day someone from the trip will write up their thoughts from that day. Burma is a complicated issue with lots of nuances, histories, and issues. We hope that this trip will be an insightful look into many corners of Burma.


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