Burmese Monks Protest for Peace

  1. Five Burmese monks begin a protest at the Maha Mya Muni Monastery in Mandalay at 5:30am local time on November 15, 2011. An amnesty had been expected for political prisoners the day before, but did not come to pass.
  2. Monks in Mandalay begin protest for peace in Burma and the world thebestfriend.org/2011/11/…
  3. AP: Monks stage rare protest in Myanmar city. #Freedom #Burma #ASEAN apne.ws/uCFZZ7
  4. Monks demand freedom in Burma: Five Buddhist monks staged a rare protest in army-dominated Burma Tuesday, witnes… bit.ly/vgWVff
  5. Burmese Monks Stage Protest Demanding Release of Prisoners « VOA Breaking News bit.ly/vu5B3y #burma
  6. Hundreds of people gather to observe the monks’ protests. The monks lock themselves inside the religious compound.
  7. Monks in daring Mandalay protest: Monks unfurl banners demanding release of political prisoners in Burma’s secon… bit.ly/ttx86G
  8. More photos of the monks #protest in #Burma. They vow to keep protesting until demands are met. on.fb.me/uLoJxh #resistance
  9. Monks protesting in #Burma have 3 demands: release #politicalprisoners, end censorship, peace w/ #ethnic & opposition bit.ly/uILDmI
  10. The protesting monks agree to move to Old Masoeyein Monastery and agree to continue the protest for the next three days. Much of the crowd follows the monks on their way to Masoeyein, including some plainclothes police. The monks ask to phone Aung San Suu Kyi.
  11. RT @RTRFaithWorld: Myanmar #monks hold rare protest over prisoners, #war on ethnic rebels reut.rs/sXA6hR #buddhism #suu kyi #Burma
  12. The monks release a statement about the protests and U Ashin Sopaka through the Best Friend, an organization based in Thailand.
  13. One of the monks leading the protests is U Ashin Sopaka, pictured below.
  14. The monks continue their protest for the second day, followed by crowds.
  15. Images are from Burma VJ Media Network:
  16. RT @burmapartners: Photos from the monks’ continued protest in Mandalay #Burma today on.fb.me/sDtmbt
  17. While police have not directly interfered with the protesting monks, it appears they are putting pressure on the monks through elders at the monastery, supposedly to avoid mass protests akin to those in 2007.

    The young monks’ new protest comes at a time when the nominally-civilian government of Burma is moving to appear more democratic, while simultaneously increasing human rights abuses on ethnic minorities.

    Elsewhere in Burma, however, an activist is arrested for filming farmers protesting.

  18. Monks Hold Rare Protest: A group of monks risk arrest to demand further reform in Burma. bit.ly/tB4dHX
  19. RT @uscb: Did you hear? #Monks are protesting in #Burma for the first time since the #SaffronRevolution, now on their 2nd day: bit.ly/sgpGZx
  20. Contrary to the monks’ demands for the release of all political prisoners, regime authorities appear to be moving key activists and monks to different prisons.

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