Winter Exposure Trip to the Thai-Burma Border

You could start off 2012 by staying in the U.S. and shoveling snow or you could join the U.S. Campaign for Burma and come to the Thai-Burma border. Every year we lead a group on an exposure trip so they can learn first-hand from refugees and activists what is happening in Burma. The Thai-Burma has operated as a major Burma hub for years. It’s a complicated, bustling, intense and too often unseen world.

I will be leading the trip and am excited with the opportunity to share with you the place I lived and worked for over two years. We will go to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Mae Sot and meet with organizations and activists who work on issues of human rights, women’s rights, migrant rights, environmental protection, and more. You will visit places such as the Mae Tao Clinic, which has been a crucial center of medical treatment for Burma’s displaced populations for decades. You will talk with former political prisoners and youth activists who risk everything to keep the struggle going. For a glimpse into the kinds of amazing people you will meet on this trip, check out Human Rights Watch’s multimedia production “Exiled: Burma Defenders.”

If you have been interested or involved in Burma’s epic freedom struggle, this trip will provide you with a powerful and unforgettable experience. You will leave Thailand with unique knowledge and experience of the crisis and ways to assist the people of Burma. Anyone is welcome to come, whether you have been a longtime activist or are new to the issue. We are looking for people who are passionate about learning, growing, and taking action.

The group (consisting of 8-10 people) will meet up in Bangkok on January 3rd and then travel to other key sites on the Thai-Burma border for 10 days. Trip details will remain confidential because of the sensitive nature of the organizations’ work. You can see a tentative itinerary here. Thailand is a very safe place for foreigners.

Cost of flight to Thailand from US: roughly $1200-1300
In country costs: $500 [You will pay this cost to USCB and we will arrange all in country arrangements such as transportation and accommodations]

Applications are due November 15, 2011. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at Download the application by clicking here.


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