Success! 13,000 petition signatures delivered

Thanks to all the hard work of our members who helped us gather 13,000 petition signatures demanding the Obama administration take action to end crimes against humanity in Burma! Today, U.S. Campaign for Burma’s Executive Director Aung Din delivered the signatures to Ambassador Stephen Rapp, the Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues. The petition calls on President Obama and his administration to provide stronger global leadership to end crimes against humanity in Burma. The petition signatures were delivered today specifically to mark the 4th anniversary of Burma’s military regime’s violent suppression of the 2007 Saffron Revolution. Read our press release here.

Specific appreciation should go to all the volunteers who went to U2 concerts this summer and gathered petition signatures. We are very thankful to everyone who signed the petition and told others about the need to bring justice to Burma.

As the Burmese military’s offensives against ethnic troops have gone along with atrocities against innocent civilians in the war zones, Burmese soldiers are destroying ethnic villages; raping women and girls; forcing people into slave labor, leaving them no choice but to flee their homeland. As there is no chance the domestic legal system will protect the abused or prosecute the perpetrators, the calls by the people of Burma to the international community to help them to be free from atrocities have grown much louder.

A year ago President Obama finally declared his support for an UN Commission of Inquiry into crimes against humanity in Burma, but he has yet to turn his words into action. Civil war and human rights abuses are escalating in Burma and U.S. leadership is crucial to bringing justice to the country. Recently, the regime announced it would create a human rights commission and has stacked the commission with officials who have repeatedly denied the existence of human rights abuses in Burma. Read who’s who in the Human Rights Commission.

“Justice is a crucial part of national reconciliation in any country. Burma cannot move forward until these attacks stop and the rule of law is realized. Four years ago peaceful monks were massacred, and yet the perpetrators of these atrocities have never been held accountable. How long will the Obama administration wait before taking real action to help find justice?” said Aung Din, Executive Director of U.S. Campaign for Burma.

Read the letter to Ambassador Rapp here.

US Campaign for Burma Executive Director Aung Din with US Ambassador at large for War Crimes Stephen Rapp
Myra, USCB Campaigns Coordinator prepares the stack of petitions

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