Top 5 Things Students can do for Burma this Fall

1. Act now: Have you signed the petition yet to President Obama demanding he turn his words into action and provide U.S. leadership to secure an UN Commission of Inquiry on Burma? Have you asked your friends to sign?

President Obama has said he supports establishing an UN Commission of Inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma but has done little to make this a reality. Earlier this year 84,000 civilians living in Karen State, Burma sent a similar petition to world leaders. But the world has done little more than offer up words not action. We need to keep the pressure on.  Without U.S. leadership Burma’s regime will continue to commit heinous atrocities against the people of Burma.

DEADLINE: We are looking to deliver the petition signatures on Monday, September 26th before President Obama goes to New York for the opening of the UN General Assembly. Don’t let such an opportunity pass us by!

2. Organize: Start a Student Chapter: Do you want to get your university more organized to help Burma? Then consider starting a US Campaign for Burma chapter at your school and we will work with you to help you get things going.

In the US and in Burma, students have been at the forefront of social movements, demanding change and accountability from their respective governments. Organize and make your university a Burma champion!

3. Speak Out: Use Social Media to help Burma:  How much time do you and your friends spend on social media? What if in addition to posting about parties and tweeting about bad dorm food, you use your social media prowess to spread the word about Burma?

Are you as frustrated as we are that mainstream media in the US continues to ignore the growing conflict and human rights abuses in Burma? Did you know Burma’s generals have been attacking communities in Northern Shan State, breaking a longstanding ceasefire and displacing 30,000 Shan civilians? Probably not by following mainstream media. As part of our “Fight the Lies: Expose the Truth” campaign, we are asking our supporters to use social media to tell mainstream media to do their job and cover this important global issue.

4. Tell the Stories: Hold a storytelling event: In case you haven’t heard – storytelling is trendy.  Usually at events, like those held by The Moth, people stand up and tell their own story. But, we want you to gather a few people to stand up and tell the stories of people from Burma.  The stories will come from the recently released book from Voice of Witness entitled Nowhere to be Home: Narratives from Survivors of Burma’s Military Regime.  The regime doesn’t want these stories to be heard, but that’s exactly why they should be.  Sign up today and start preparing!

5. Go See: Join the January 2012 student exposure trip to the Thai-Burma Border: If you have been hearing/reading/thinking about Burma but want to go and see for yourself what is happening, then now is your chance. Every year US Campaign for Burma brings a group of young activists to the Thai-Burma border to help them build a stronger personal relationship with the struggle for freedom and human rights in Burma. Those who participate will visit Dr. Cynthia’s well-regarded Mae Tao Clinic, refugee camps, as well as meet a variety of individuals who risk their lives to help their country.

If you have been interested or involved in Burma’s epic freedom struggle, this trip will provide you with the knowledge and legitimacy beneficial to elevating your efforts to help the people of Burma at an effective level. You will leave Thailand with unique knowledge and experience of the crisis and ways to assist the people of Burma. This is more than just an exposure tour where you learn about what is happening; by the end of this trip, you are expected to take the knowledge and be a strong leader in pushing for Burma action in your local area. Find out more here.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things Students can do for Burma this Fall

  1. Seeing is believing enough on Burma right now. Hopefully, actions speak louder than words the world to rally for human right and to bring an end to the military dictatorship in Burma.

  2. We should support the people of Burma to be able to vote and chair democracy as the majority of the world,don´t let us be the silent majority.

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