Tour Begins: Bagan welcomes Daw Suu

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has left Rangoon for the first time since 2003. Her initial stop is the ancient city of Bagan, renowned for his extensive and breathtaking old temples. This visit was meant to be a relaxing, personal one with her son – their first family trip in 20 years. However, it’s hard to have a quiet trip when traveling with 30 NLD security guards, as well as being followed by many special police and throngs of journalists.

Throughout her visit, the people of Bagan took many risks to see her and show their devotion. For example, local officials told the Bagan pagoda trustees not to welcome her with bouquets. Nevertheless, when she arrived Tuesday morning she was warmly welcomed by local residents and pagoda trustees did present her with bouquets.

Mizzima news service had a quote from a local vendor at the temple: “I waited for her until 2 p.m. She did not come so I came back. We will wait for her tomorrow and give her bouquets. It is not too difficult to see actors and actresses. To see our hero’s daughter, we have just a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I want to see her,”

Throughout her time visiting, people (and likely at great risk) flocked to see her. One afternoon she stopped at a small roadside shop to have a meal. It’s a place where workers often eat among the temples. 200 people came to see her at that shop alone. People requested autographs and some girls were crying.

Her trips have already begun to show her strong presence in Burma today, and how she is a force that cannot be brushed aside. Let’s all hope she remains safe.

Photos from Mizzima 

A Buddhist monk in Bagan holds a postcard of Aung San Suu Kyi to show his greetings
The Myazedi Pagoda trustees give Suu Kyi a bouquet to welcome her to the ancient temple site

young girl asking for Daw Suu's signature
a young man asking Daw Suu to sign his shirt

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