Bono and Burma: USCB teaming up with U2 for Tour

US Campaign for Burma is happy to again be working with U2, and this summer on their 360 degree tour. Our grassroots members have been active in engaging concert goers and building support for the cause of Burma in the US. Thanks to all the volunteers so far and the ones in the cities to come! 

Here is a report from our summer interns from when they were at the U2 concert in Baltimore:

Last Wednesday, June 22nd, twelve U.S. Campaign for Burma volunteers arrived at U2’s 360° tour performance in Baltimore, Maryland with the goal of raising awareness about both human rights violations in Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi’s fight for democracy. Along with members of Amnesty International and the ONE Campaign, USCB volunteers canvassed the crowd outside of the concert venue for several hours, working to get petition signatures up until moments before the concert start time. Members of the crowd varied in their degrees of receptivity to our volunteers’ efforts, but we were still able to successfully gather 583 signatures! While some individuals were already supporters of USCB or had signed the petition online, many others were eager to learn more about our cause. As soon as USCB garners 10,000 signatures, the petition will be sent to President Obama in order to urge him to continue helping Aung San Suu Kyi in her battle for democracy and to lead the effort to establish a UN Commission for Inquiry into the war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma.

Lead-singer Bono, cofounder of the ONE Campaign and public supporter of both Amnesty International and USCB, honored Aung San Suu Kyi and those around the world fighting for basic rights and freedoms during the concert. Close to the end of the show, members of Amnesty International circled the stage, carrying lights adorned with the organization’s symbol as the band performed Walk On (originally written for and continuously dedicated to Suu Kyi). It was an uplifting display of unity and the shared commitment to human rights, which inspired all of the volunteers in the crowd to continue their hard work. We hope that the combination of the outstanding U2 performance and the USCB volunteers’ hard work prior to the concert inspired members of the audience to support the efforts of our organization and oppressed communities everywhere. “A few people, whether they signed the petition or not, said that they were genuinely going to look up our website as a way of starting do some of their own research on the situation in Burma. As far as responses from those in the queue go, that was my favorite,” said USCB intern Jill Ridderbos.

USCB in Concert Booklet


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