Kalay Students Won Protest Over Bus Fare Rise

A thousand university students from Kalaymyo in Chin State took to the streets in peaceful protest against the doubling of school bus fares. In a country where public expression of defiance is not tolerated and often times brutally crushed by the military authorities, yesterday’s demonstration shows a shade of silver lining in the country. The students did not face a single public action from the university administration or the government, and at the end of the day returned home happy as all of the four demands were met by the authorities.

The four demands made by the students were:

  • reduction of bus fares,
  • timely bus schedules,
  • more frequent transparent between the stations and the university to cover the city’s student population, and
  • not to carry cargo on school buses.

It was reported that the student leaders of the protest had collected 500 signatures from their fellow students addressing their grievances and urging the authorities to resolve these issues.

Students gathered at a train station, a busy intersection in the city, and then marched to the nearby military regional command headquarters. There they met a senior military official and discussed the issue. When their demands were granted later in the day, the students dispersed and returned home in peaceful manner.


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