New Zealand Vouches for Justice in Burma

Great news! Today, we received an announcement from the New Zealand government, stating their support for UN Commission of Inquiry on crimes against humanity in Burma. This makes New Zealand the eighth country to call for such measure on Burma.

Needless to say, this recent endorsement comes after many many long and arduous efforts from Burma activists in New Zealand and from around the world. Burma Campaign New Zealand has been campaigning its government to get on board with this call for justice in Burma. They have been rallying their supporters from New Zealand to call on their government to take this important action. And now viola, success!

Just minutes after the announcement from the New Zealand government, Burma Campaign New Zealand issued a press release, saying, “BCNZ welcomes the Government’s decision to support a Commission of Inquiry. We urge other nations to do the same and pledge their support for the establishment of Commission of Inquiry in the UN General Assembly resolution on Burma this year.

I am delighted in this decision and humbly appreciate the endeavors of successive NZ governments and parliamentarians who have supported a free and democratic Burma,” said Naing Ko, Spokesperson for Burma Campaign New Zealand and a former political prisoner.

“New Zealand has a proud history of promoting and protecting human rights. I think all New Zealanders will agree with me that we can not tolerate crimes against humanity and war crimes in our region,” said naing Ko Ko.


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