"Burma VJ" misses win but gains attention

Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country,” an Academy Award-nominated documentary feature, did not bring home an Oscar but it successfully brought Burma to the world. The Academy’s nod towards “Burma VJ” has shed a light on the situation in Burma, and the selfless work being done by the Burmese video journalists.

Although many were disappointed that the best documentary award did not go to “Burma VJ,” the real win for “Burma VJ” has been its ability to raise awareness about Burma since its theatrical releases all over the globe last year. The Oscar nomination was a great achievement and an honor to those involved in the film.

Because of “Burma VJ“, we have learned and seen the truth about the 2007 Saffron Revolution and the bloody military crackdown in its wake. Because of “Burma VJ“, we have been inspired by the vision and the spirit of the Burmese video journalists, monks and activists who put their lives on the firing line and who dare to dream, act, and sacrifice their lives for freedom and democracy in Burma. Because of “Burma VJ“, many people now know about Burma and are eager to do whatever is in their capacity to help bring peace, security and freedom to the people of Burma.

While it would have been nice for “Burma VJ” to win, hopefully more people will watch the film and get involved with the Burma movement as a result of its Oscar nomination.

A full list of Oscar winners and nominees can be found here.

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