Deep condolences to Andrew Koenig’s family from U.S. Campaign for Burma

To the Koenig Family:

We at U.S. Campaign for Burma would like to express our profound condolences over Andrew’s death and extend our sincere sympathies to your family. Andrew was a courageous and compassionate advocate for Burma’s freedom and democracy movement. During his lifetime, he made sterling contributions to the movement not only through his personal involvement, but also by getting others invested in this cause. For that, Burma activists around the world will miss him dearly and will remember him for the unrelenting fight for justice and democracy that he led in the interest of the people of Burma.

Andrew’s involvement in the Burma movement was proof of his integrity. His trip to the Thailand-Burma border to learn about the struggles of displaced Burmese refugees was a tremendous act of compassion as well as a sign of a man with a true social conscience and aspiration to empathize with the world’s less fortunate. We remain very grateful for his determination and continued activism for Burma upon his return to the United States.

Andrew inspired respect through his simplicity and his tenacious conviction, which he manifested in his vibrant activism for Burma. At times, he would even risk his own personal safety in order to raise international awareness around the atrocities that take place in this corner of the world. There have been only handful acts of civil disobedience in the United States for Burma. Andrew’s was the one that received by far the most attention and raised awareness at a critical time for the movement. We thank him for his brave and selfless efforts and his unwavering work in solidarity with the struggling people of Burma.

It is a great loss for all those who we had the honor to know such an outstanding activist. Andrew’s activism and passion for human rights and justice have touched many hearts and inspired many minds. Again, we cherish all the efforts and struggles led by Andrew and would like to extend our sympathies and sorrow of his loss to the Burma movement and to the Koenig family.


Aung Din, Jennifer Quigley, Mike Haack, Nadi Hlaing

U.S. Campaign for Burma

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