Chalk for Freedom: Spreading like wildfire across Burma

Spray campaign on the Sino-Burma border (Shan Herald Agency for News)

Two weeks ago there were chalking and spraying activities in Mon State, carried out by Mon youth against the military junta. It seems to be spreading like wildfire. The ethnic civilians across the country have been very active and very verbal in their stance against the military regime and the 2010 election. Not only the Mon youth but now the Shan youth are chalking and spraying anti-junta slogans along the Sino-Burma border. The spraying campaign went on for two days. Slogans such as “We don’t want the 2010 elections!”; “Down with Than Shwe!”; “Free Aung San Suu Kyi and political prisoners!” were seen sprayed on the walls of the immigration office, schools, and other publicly visible areas. In a country where hope for freedom and democracy is considered an act of rebellion and a crime capable of long jail sentence, we salut the courage and the tenacity of these youth who are sacrificing and working toward making Burma a better place.

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