You can never touch my soul – Brishti Mazumdar

As you may all know, Aung San Suu Kyi is currently being put on trial for charges that are completely unfounded and unconstitutional. The military regime in Burma merely wants her to remain behind bars because they are aware but afraid of her potentials to bring the people of the country together and work towards the vision of a democratic and prosperous Burma. This is neither the first nor the last time that the regime has engaged in acts intended to harass, discourage, and harm her and her people. We may recall the 2003 Depayin Massacre where Daw Su and many of her NLD members were ambushed by the thugs obviously hired by the regime. In September of 2007, in the wake of the countrywide Saffron Revolution, the regime engaged in heavy crackdowns on monks and laymen alike for expressing their dissidence and defiance against the dictatorship rule. Hundreds were killed. Yet, despite all this, Daw Su remains untouched and unaffected by the acts of the regime. She is still the dream and the hope of the people of Burma for a brighter future.

You Can Never Touch My Sou

You can disturb me as that’s your goal..
You can hurt me; that may be your goal.
You can go to any extent to do that.
But one thing you can never do.
You can never touch my soul.

You can mock me, as that’s your goal.
You can call me a fool; that may be your goal.
You can strip me off my honour;
Perhaps that is your goal.
But you can never touch my soul.

You can strike me, you are strong
You can injure me, you are cruel.
You can bruise me with your nails long.
You can even kill me; for that you may yell.
But you can never touch my soul.

You can be harsh to me;
You can be rough to me;
You can be very unkind;
You can even be crude;
Yet you can not touch my soul.

I am the part of the time immemorial;
I am the potential All Powerful Universal.;
I am the transmundane Wall-To-Wall.;
I can be a part of the Almighty through my soul,
My all inclusive highly potential soul.
You can never touch my soul.

Yes, you can touch my soul.
You respect me, I am here to give you all.
You cry for me, I am here with my all.
You love me, I am yours heart and soul.
Yes, only a soul can touch another soul.



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