The Trouble with the Alphabet, Burma event in Denver

On Friday, October 24th, the creators of The Trouble with the Alphabet, a photographic journey through the alphabet that illuminates the world’s injustices from the point of view of a child, launched their compelling new exhibit to celebrate the book’s release at the Ditto Gallery, located at 1224 Speer Blvd, in downtown Denver.  The U.S. Campaign for Burma is featured in this book under the letter “M” for Myanmar and we are excited to be involved in, and to benefit from, this project.  The opening was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who attended.  Please let your friends and family know of this intriguing exhibit that will be running from October 24th through December 20th.

The exhibit was quite thought provoking, contrasting human rights issues with vibrant colors.  Every letter of the alphabet was represented by a country, a painting of a child, and a poem written from the child’s perspective, describing the human rights violations that occur in that country.  Even as a human rights activist who discusses such atrocities everyday, I learned a lot about a number of countries that I hardly ever examine, and I was reminded that it is important to reflect on the perspectives of the children, who are often most affected by the human rights violations that occur everyday.  As the artist described, it is her hope that this exhibit can produce more awareness and action related to the human rights issues that plague our world and to inspire others to feel the compassion that she felt for the children she spent so long looking into their eyes and painting.



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