Leaders of the 88 Generation Students Group, including Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, Mya Aye, Htay Kywe and Pyone Cho Received 65 Years, the First Batch of Imprisonment

Nine members of the 88 Generation Students, including Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, Mya Aye, Htay Kywe, Pyone Cho (aka) Htay Win Aung, Aung Thu, Hla Myo Naung, Aung Naing (aka) Myo Aung Naing and Nyan Lin, who were transferred to Ma-ubin Prison in the delta region on Oct 30, 2008, were transferred back to Insein Prison today. They arrived at Insein Prison in the afternoon and were allowed to meet with their family members, who were rushing back from their way to Ma-ubin Prison. One of them, Aung Thu was sent to Insein Prison Hospital as soon as he arrived at the prison for his poor health. Hla Myo Naung’s health is also deteriorating.

Min Ko Naing and the eight were sentenced 65 years imprisonment by a special court held inside the Ma-ubin Prison on Nov 11, 2008, while 14 members of the group received the same imprisonments on the same day in Insein Prison. They were sentenced 15 years imprisonment each for four charges under the Section 33 (A) of the Electronic Transactions Act and 5 years imprisonment for one charge under the Section 6 of the Law Relating to Forming of Organizations. For those who believe in misery, please note that Min Ko Naing and eight members of the 88 Generation Students were sentenced on 11.11.2008 at 11:00 AM.

Min Ko Naing and the eight members of the group were previously sentenced six-month imprisonment each by a court in Insein Prison on Oct 29 for contempt of court and transferred to Ma-ubin Prison on Oct 30. Therefore, the current prison tem of the nine become 65 years and six months each. They were transferred back to Insein Prison because Ma-ubin Prison is a medium-security prison, which could not hold lengthy-imprisoned prisoners. According to prison sources, they will be transferred to prison in Upper Burma. As they are on trials for 21 charges, their trials will continue for other charges and they will receive more sentences soon.

The Regime’s Courts Work Hard on Saturday

As instructed by the regime to expedite the trails of detained democracy activists and Monks, several courts held inside Insein Prison Compound were open today, Saturday, and trying to warp up the cases.

A special court, held inside the Insein Prison Compound, today delivered severe sentences to four NLD youth leaders from Htan Tabin Township. Htar Htar (Female), Aung Zaw Moe (aka) Aung Kyaw, Maung Maung Latt and Tun Tun Oo were arrested since September 2007, detained in Insein Prison and sent before Hlaing Thar Yar Township for trails. Their lawyers, U Aung Thein and U Khin Maung Shein, were sued by Township Judge under Section 3 of the Contempt of Court Act while they submitted the withdrawal of their attorney power as their clients no longer trust in the court and judiciary system. The lawyers were sentenced four months each by the High Court, sent to Insein Prison on Nov 9, 2008, and their trails were also moved to a special court inside the Insein Prison Compound for security reason.

Today, Htar Htar Thet and Tun Tun Oo received 19 years imprisonment each and Aung Zaw Moe and Maung Maung Latt received 10 years each.


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