Event at Simsbury High School

My name is Victoria–I am a senior in high school, and I showed a copy of the Saffron Revolution DVD that USCB sent to me to my Amnesty International group! And after having done so, I collected their now signed postcards and mailed them myself (just to assure they get out there!).
Though we did not get to finish the DVD, everyone was intrigued and I was personally heartbroken to hear the accounts of the monks as they detailed attacks. Before our meeting was over, however, we all got a chance to talk a bit about what was shown. There were many who were shocked and others who were simply validated in their knowledge that violence does not necessarily meet violence when it comes to opposing a government and its policies–the monks in Burma are a quintessential example of this, as their peaceful protests and prayers for peace were disrupted with riot police’s brutality. We learned how important their stories are hear because it brings struggles home to us where we may not necessarily be exposed to them on the news or in the papers.
The DVD was a great addition to our Amnesty meeting as we have participated in student demonstrations for the liberation of Burma in the past, and I would love to show the rest of the film (by popular demand!) in our next meeting and continue to support the monks in their fight!
Victoria Boeclklin, Simsbury High School in Connecticut

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