Monks Stage Protest in Sittwe

Even though the military regime has heavily vamped up security in Burma around the anniversary of the Saffron Revolution. On Saturday 150 monks marched through the streets of Sittwe, in the western part of the country

From the Mizzima article on it:
“Than Hlaing, a local resident of Sittwe town who witnessed the protest march told Mizzima that about 150 monks began marching from the Sittwe main road at about 10 a.m. (local time). The demonstration was peaceful.

“The monks were marching silently. Police and other officials in several cars and motorcycles followed them and asked them why they were marching,” Than Hlaing said.

“People on the road were bowing and paying obeisance to the marching monks,” he added.

The monks, he said, took the right side and continued marching on to U Ottama till the end of the road. They dispersed peacefully later.

“As soon as the first batch dispersed, another group of about 100 followed them and dispersed at the same point,” said Than Hlaing adding that the monks ended the march at about 10:30 a.m. (local time).

While the authorities did not disrupt the procession, officials, however, followed the monks, Than Hlaing said. He was told that a monk, Shin Thawbanah, of the Ashokayone Monastery was taken away by the police.”


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